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Our site works in close collaboration with the producers, which is why you can benefit from equally favorable prices on our products.

Delivery usually takes place within 3 to 7 business days.

The delivery time can vary up to 20 working days maximum depending on the location of the items ordered.

These delays include the validation of your order, the preparation, and finally the shipping until the reception of your parcel.


If you are not satisfied with the product, have manufacturing defects or for any other reason, it is possible to return it to us within 10 days from the date of receipt.

To do this, thank you for contacting us with the form set up for


- Delay

If, however, your product fails to be delivered on time, we reserve a period of one (01) month before granting a refund.

Indeed, it is possible that delivery is delayed for external reasons beyond our scope.

- Return for failed product

Following the return of the product, the refund procedure will be made upon receipt of the package and from this day the refund will be made.

The refund usually takes 3 business days.

You can contact us by mail if you have any questions at the following address:

You can also contact us from SGH Prestige